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Time for Tea — это праздник страсти Fortnum к чаю во всех его проявлениях. Опираясь на более чем 300-летний опыт, вы найдете историю, географию, сезонность чая — все, от листа до чашки — а также 50 вкусных рецептов.

Time for Tea is a celebration of Fortnum's passion for tea in its every form. Drawing on over 300 years of experience, you will find the history, geography, seasonality of tea – everything from leaf to cup – as well as 50 delicious recipes.Fortnum & Mason has nearly as much experience of selling tea as Britain has of drinking it – some three centuries’ worth, in fact, since the early eighteenth century.This fun and deeply authoritative guide whisks you through all the information you need to get the most out of your cuppa. It instructs on how to make the perfect brew or infusion and helps identify a wide range of teas to try that will suit different tastes whether for a single estate Darjeeling, a smoky or a delicate tea from China or a regular builder’s. It also explores which teas are best to kickstart the day, revive the spirits or soothe at evening’s end. And now, enough of the talk, it’s Time for Tea.


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